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Lose yourself in the beautiful travel photography & exotic recipes of “The No-Potato Passover” and let Aviva Kanoff take you on an international culinary experience from Italy to Morocco. Explore the tastes and colors of cultures far and near as Aviva explores creative recipes with these exotic cuisines.

Every recipe in The No-Potato Passover is kosher for Pesach, which may seem surprising as these Pesach recipes lack the typical Pesach starchy staples.

Leave potatoes behind! Explore the possibilities of quinoa and spaghetti squash in your Passover menu.

The No Potato Passover by Aviva Kanoff is the winner of the Gourmand Award for Best Jewish Cuisine in the USA.

The recipes in The No-Potato Passover are so delicious, you’ll want to make them all year round!

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